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The choice of company name is inspired - no company we have dealt with seem to "excel" like these guys. No job is too small and is always carried out professionally, courteously and with the minimum of fuss.
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They are always able to offer a solution - with a mind on cost and long term practicality. They are prompt, tidy, and utterly reliable and it goes without saying trust worthy.
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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting or ‘escape lighting’ is lighting that is used when there is a power failure to the usual lighting provisions. If the mains electricity fails, it could result in sudden darkness and danger to yourself or other occupants of the premises. In this case the emergency lighting would then be activated. Emergency lighting is usually fully automated and enables a safe evacuation of the premises.

Elements of Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting can be broken down into different categories or parts that make up the full emergency lighting system. There is emergency lighting, as suggested above, to identify the escape route of a building. There is emergency lighting used to illuminate open areas. This can then identify the access to the escape route mentioned above. There is also high-risk task area emergency lighting to ensure that adequate lighting is provided to those who are involved in potentially dangerous work or situations where a blackout or low visibility would be dangerous.

Most business premises are now required to have emergency lighting installed. The emergency lighting must be installed correctly according to British Standards and we ensure that we meet these standards.

Emergency lighting is now usually installed during the construction of new buildings. Excel can look after the installation and testing of emergency lighting at any point - from the construction phase through to new provisions for older buildings or the testing of existing emergency lighting systems.

To find out more about the emergency lighting installation that would suit your premises, or discuss your existing emergency lighting system, please contact us on 01420 549955 or send an enquiry online.

Please see our electrical contractors page for more information on our levels of care, design and testing of electrical installations.